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Foolish Tree -- Smart Choice

Today I did something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I hired Ian Carruthers of Foolish Tree Films to accompany me and Gloria to the park and film us doing what we do best. In a couple days I should have the footage back, packaged in a short but punchy package.

So how did Gloria do? Having a camera follow her every move was a bit off-putting to Gloria (What is that thing?), but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get back some footage that blows my hand-held cell phone snippets right out of the water. I've know Ian Carruthers for a number of years, so it wasn't like I was hiring just anybody. I know how dedicated and hard-working he is. I know he's creative, yet, he was responsive and respectful of my ideas even though they were kind of rudimentary and half baked.

I will be sharing the video on my blog, Facebook, and Youtube. But it will likely (fingers crossed) debut at Silicat Valley Convention next weekend.

If you have a video project in mind, you can reach Ian Carruthers here on FB or via the Foolish Tree Films website. Tell him Cliff sent you!

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