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Catio Brooks

For those of you new to catios, a catio can be anything from a free-standing cat cage to a screened-in patio or attached room. Generally speaking, most catios also include 24-hour access, so your cat can enjoy it as it pleases. Thre are as many types of catios as there are cats, meeting the needs and the budgets of their owners.

On this site I plan to share pictures and product suggestions/reviews from my catio.

KOTC Catio.png

Plant it!

Decorating your catio is a bit of a personal thing. In addition to the cat shelves and scratching surfaces, I've included plants for both my enjoyment and the cats. Because my catio is an enclosed patio it has a solid roof and an overhang so it doesn't get much direct sunlight. For this reason, I have to decorate with low-light cat-safe plants. Of course, there's always some catnip and wheat grass for the cats to nibble on, so they pretty much leave the the other plants alone. That being said, always make sure the plants you select are not poisonous to cats. Fortunately, most ferns (with the notable exception of Asparagus Ferns) fit the bill.

This was supposed to be a shot of Anders

Bastet Comes to Live in the Catio

Thanks to Facebook Marketplace, I got a pretty good deal on a 15-inch Bastet resin sculpture. 


Wall of Fame

If you have a catio that's large enough to accommodate you as well as your feline brood, don't skimp on the creature comforts. In my case, I'm working on making the catio a meditative spot for both me and the cats. I call this the wall of fame, and the end goal is to display evidence of my art here. Not so much as to obscure the view, but just enough to put my mark on it. Kind of like a scent soaker for humans.


Catio Plant:

Deer Fern

My latest acquisition is a Deer Fern (Blechnum spicant). It's a beautiful and hardy fern:

Light: Shady to part sun

Hardiness Zones: 5 - 8

Drought Tolerant: Yes, but grows best when kept moderately wet

Size: Center, or fertile fronds grow to 30 inches. Outer fronds grow to 18 inches.


Coming Week of 9/23/2019

We hope to grow this section quickly! There's a lot to share!

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