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Diary of a Cat Walker, #33

The last couple of days have been pretty damp and dreary, but I still try to keep up the walks with the cats. Sometimes I take them to a hardware store as the chains allow you to bring leashed pets in. Or pet stores, which also allow them. But today, when the sun came out, I decided to take Gloria to my favorite walking place: The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

I keep raving about the grounds, but they deserve it. Every time I go, I feel like I've been transported back to the time of the pharaohs. I love the museum, too, but the place really comes to life when you walk the grounds. They're expansive and amazingly well-kept. There are numerous places to sit and meditate or just kick back and soak it all in.

Gloria likes it too. Generally. But today she was just really in a bad mood. She was not into following me at all, and would put on the breaks and refuse to move. I'd pick her up and she'd let me carry her for a few feet and then she'd begin to struggle to get down. I'd set her down, she'd walk a foot or two, and put on the breaks again. Finally, I took her over to a bench in the sun, sat down, and placed her on the bench beside me. She sat there, poised, and soaked in the sun. I closed my eyes and meditated for about 10 minutes.

It was blissful. I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to let her lead anymore. Generally, because she's so good about it, we take turns leading. And now this. I thought I'd inadvertently created a monster, and she now wanted to lead all the time. But as I sat there, meditating, it hit me. She was cold. It was still damp in parts. And she just wanted to take advantage of the sun and the fresh air. She wasn't interested in exploring today...they could wait for warmer days.

I'm pretty sure I'm right. And it's a reminder that sometimes, slowing down and just taking things as they come is the ideal way to be. By doing so, I was able to see her point of view, adjust, and turn what could have been a frustrating walk into a very pleasant morning for both of us.

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