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Diary of a Cat Walker, #26

I don't think there's a surer, more satisfying way to bond with your cat then cat walking. And it begins in the early days, when your cat is still petrified of going outside. When you bring it back in and it runs for shelter, relieved it's back inside where everything is safe and sound and … boring.

You think your cat is done with you, possibly angry, and you feel a pang of guilt for having exposed it to the terror of the outdoors. Are you doing the right thing? Are you torturing your cat for your own selfish desires?

And then you cat comes over to you for a cuddle, or just to be near. It's confusing it seeking comfort from the ordeal, or is something else going on. From my experience, it's something else. Something deeper. Your cat is thanking you. You woke it up. You exposed it to sights and sounds and smells, and while it may have been terrified by these things, your cat is thanking you for it.

Yes, it was terrified, and more than likely, the next time it sees the harness it will run under the furniture. It's not the walk, but the harness that the cat fears most. That claustrophobic contraption that keeps it from being able to run from danger. <more>

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