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Diary of a Cat Walker, #20

Last night Gloria and I went back to The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Despite rush hour traffic, it was worth the trip. We had a great time and we even discovered a labyrinth that we didn't notice the last time we were here.

The Labyrinth

This place is pure magic.

I also tried to get a picture of Gloria with a Sphynx again...and though this shot is a little better, she's just not into it and won't sit still! One day I'll get the perfect shot, I'm sure of it. Until then...

The perfect shot is within sight...this ain't it.

This week I also began teaching Gloria the "sit" command. I figure it will be helpful when trying to set up the perfect shot. In this brief video, you can see the progress we've made. I really was a bit surprised; usually when she goes to new places, she's a bit anxious and isn't really into treats. But this, her second trip here, was great. Despite a little pulling at first, she really had a great time.

And finally I want to leave you with a shot of Gloria checking out an ENORMOUS koi fish in the Peace Garden. The first time we came here, she saw the koi from a distance and decided she didn't want to get anywhere near them. This time, curiosity got the better of her.

Koi pond in the Peace Garden

Definitely one of our best walks ever!

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