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Diary of a Cat Walker #13

Okay, it's been a while since I updated you on my cat walking progress. Sorry about that. I will try to be better going forward. The big news? Two days ago I finally added a second cat to my training plan -- Anderson Cooper! Before I give you an update on Gloria, let me tell you a little about Anderson Cooper. AC is Gloria Vanderbilt's sister -- they came from the same litter -- and while Gloria is super sweet and has a plaintive meow, her sister is, well, bossy. She bosses both of us humans around and meows like an old man who constantly complains about everything. She tells you what to do, including what time to go to bed, and while she likes me, I'm not her favorite human in the house, except, of course, when I am. Anyway, I'm including some pictures from our first real "walk". She has experience with the outdoors though, as she's sometimes allowed in the back yard on one of those aerial dog runs. So the harness and the leash aren't new to her. That said, I took her to a local park and she did pretty well. She crab-walked a bit, I carried her a bit, and when we arrived back home, she was relieved and super sweet the rest of the day. This, strangely, is a common response to going out into the real world, one you should note for when you take on the adventure. Good, good stuff. As for what's been going on with Gloria, I think her progress deserves its own entry, so I'll leave you with some shots of Anderson Cooper's first walk in a park.

Anderson Cooper on the way to the park.

Curiously cautious.

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