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Diary of a Cat Walker #11

Today I got a late start on our walk, but Gloria Vanderbilt didn't seem to care much. In the video, this was our beginning of our walk. Within a few minutes, she was walking like a pro and her tail went up happily. The first few minutes of every walk is a bit more cautious than the remainder of the walk.

I think it's important that you take your cat out at different times of the day. Some cats will be more comfortable at dawn or dusk, others will enjoy the night. Still others will feel more comfortable in the early mornings. As a cat walker, your goal should be to help your cat enjoy it's outing no matter what time of day so that you're not limited. Once you've found that special place, that lights up your cats curiosity, try going there at various times so that she can enjoy it in all it's colors.

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