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Cat Walking Locations, #4

Cat Walking Location

Seven Hills Park

Hours: Sunup to sunset

I really need to go to this park again. True to its name, it's on a hill. There are a few dedicated parking spaces at the top of the hill and you walk down into the park from there. Rather than stay on the path, we serpentined down the grassy/weedy hill. Not really recommended as it's steep in parts. When we reached the bottom we stopped near the bathrooms and a drainage ditch that Gloria began to explore.

I tried to explain to her that drainage ditches are the havens of monsters and creepers, but I wasn't getting through. So after letting her check it out, I directed her into the park. It was a pleasant day, but some of the areas are a bit sparse when it comes to shade, so keep that in mind. We walked across the grass and past a kiddie playground where a mom pushed her son on a swing. As we approached the picinic table area -- a perfect place to stop and have a kitty snack -- Gloria put on the brakes. This was not some "I'd rather go this way" kind of brake, this was a "hell no, I won't go" brake. She dug in her heels -- something she rarely does anymore and struggled to get out of her harness. I tried in vain to calm her and then I noticed the reason for her tantrum; about 20 feet beyond the tables was a murder of wild turkeys! Okay, I know, "murder" is used for a group of crows, but try to convince Gloria of that. I tried to coax her with treats, but she wasn't interested. Nope. All she wanted to do was get away and there was nothing I could do to change her mind. So this trip was aborted before we could see how far this park actually went. Looking the park up on the internet reveals the fact that these turkeys are pretty regular visitors, so I'm going to have to cross this park off my list.

Depending on how your cat responds to murders of wild turkeys, well, you might find this park more or less suitable. I give it a 5 out of 10.

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