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Cat Walking Locations, #2

Cat Walking Location

California Nursery Historical Park 36550 Niles Blvd.

Fremont, CA 94536

Hours: 7:00am to 30 minutes past sunset

This place is Gloria's favorite walking spot. I take her here about three times a week. If she had it her way, this is the only place I would take her. The park has a manicured garden area that has lots of shade, twists and turns, birds, squirrels, and her personal favorite: lizards! There's also a considerable rose garden that she likes to walk through. In all, there are 7 distinct areas to explore.

Maintained by a small dedicated group of volunteers, this place changes dramatically with the seasons.

Across the street is a historic train route, so the sound of the train might frighten some cats as it blares its horn as it passes. Gloria noticed it at first, but now, she doesn't bat an eye.

The park is rarely crowded. There are a couple of locals that walk their dogs, but this is in no way a dog park.

I give this a 9 out of 10, though I suspect Gloria gives it a perfect 10.

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