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The Zen of Cat Walking

The Zen of Cat Walking

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Training Tip: Sit with Your Cat

Go on a sympathetic journey with your cat. Teach your cat to walk on a leash while you learn to quiet your mind and join your cat in meditative bliss.

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No more smell!

No more cleanup!

No more litter underfoot!

No more sifting!

No more odor!

No more Litter!

Teach your cat the most civilized trick in the book!

Order a signed copy from my Shop!


Friends of the Studio

Go, Cat, Go.jpg

Go, Cat, Go! 

Daniel, the cat behaviorist behind Go, Cat, Go!, is available for house calls in the SF Bay Area, or consultations via cat call!


Video storytellers tellin stories

San Francisco based Foolish Tree Films produces Hollywood-calibre work at a fraction of the cost. Bring your event, your personal story, your training requirments or your creative dream to life with the help of Ian and Jo at Foolish Tree Films. For a taste of their particular magic, click on The Zen of Cat Walking video above.

Sassy Static logo square for Cliff.jpg

It's a toy! It's a bed! It's a playpen!

Sassy Static produces hand-made foam cat cubes. These are nothing like the mass-produceced, lopsided cubes the big box retailers like to foist on you. These cubes come in a stunning array of designes with additional paw holes on the sides to ramp the fun up to 11!

Quality Bengals.png

Bengals to die for 

Quality Bengal Kittens. At first blush, the name sounds a bit pretentious. Well trust me, when you meet the fine couple behind Quality Bengal Kittens and feast your eyes on their award-winning cats and kittens, well, you'll realize that the name doesn't just fit, it's the only one that makes sense. If you're looking for a bit of the wild in your next forever friend, start and finish your search here. You'll be glad you did.


Clothing that just doesn't care

Doesn't matter if you're male or female, tall or short, thin or fat, or still deciding who you want to be today. Lee-Lah clothing will fit the bill. Comfortably. Classically. Sustainably. And it won't give a damn who you are, or who you think you are. One size fits all because in the end, it's just you.

Play, Train, Exercise, Repeat.

Use the Wiggly Worm to  coax your cat to go places few cats have gone before. An amazing tool in your cat walking arsenal, or just a crazy wonderful cat toy. No catnip required!

Get the basics today so you can start your cat walking journey!

Get a signed copy of the author's books, top-quality harnesses, and leashes.




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