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The Wiggly Worm will drive your cat crazy! Add the Wiggly Worm to your cat walking training routine. When your cat stops in its tracks and refuses to proceed, take out the Wiggly Worm and use it to lure your cat forward. The training toy's wand is only 12 inches long so you can stuff it in your back pocket, backpack, or purse so that it's at your fingertips when you you and your cat set off to explore the world. A bell, attatched to the tip of the wand rather than the toy, will get your cat's attention. 


Tips on using Wiggly Worm to train your cat:



Replacement worms available.


Cat Walking Training Toy -- Wiggly Worm

  • As with all cat toys, do not let your cat play with it unsupervised. If the toy begins to fray or come apart, discontinue use.

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