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Wiggly Worm Training Tip

The Wiggly Worm is an interactive toy created to exercise, entertain, and train your cat. With a flick of the wrist, your cat will be running, pouncing and leaping through the air! But what about training? The wand on the toy is 12 inches long, making it easily transportable, but the cord, at 3-4 feet, is a bit unwieldy. Sure, you can wrap it around itself, but it's a bit of a chore to keep it from getting tangled. So what's the solution? Twist the cord around the eyelet just below the bell so that it's a manageable 4 - 6 inches long and secure it with a strip of strong tape.

Take the Wiggly Worm with you on your trips outdoors and use it to direct your cat's attention, usher it to follow you, and activate its hunting instincts. This works especially well with kittens, but also works on older cats. The main difference is that older cats will take much longer to respond. At first, they will totally ignore it no matter how responsive they are to it inside the house. But don't give up! One day, when you least expect it, you cat will swat at the toy. That will be a sure sign that progress has been made and that more progress is right around the corner. Stay the course and in time, you'll be part of an elite group: cat walkers!

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